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Building a Network to Support Students for a Lifetime

Long Term Committment to the Student

As a mentor, you make a committment of at least one year to your student. CaLiCo Youth Services makes a ten year commitment to the students in our program. We enroll students in elementary school, and are committed to taking them through high school. 

Lifelong Learners

A mentor's primary role is to spark curiosity and to help foster a love of learning. They do so by meeting the student in person to engage in fun activities that enhance their numeracy and literacy skills.

Life and Career Mentoring

As a mentor, you are available to your assigned student for conversations or activities that the student may enjoy. From what to do over summer to something that may be bothering them, to reading or playing a game.

A Virtual Family

CaLiCo Youth Services will interact closely with the family of the student. We will ensure that parents and teachers are aware of a student's progress and challenges.

CaLiCo Youth Services brings together people who may never have otherwise met into one cohesive community, where members care (Ca-) for each other, listen (-Li-) to one another, and connect (-Co) each other to resources.



380 Hamilton Ave., #1559

Palo Alto CA 94302


Tel: 6502752130


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