The CaLiCo Program

We build networks of social support across communities

We foster loving, lasting relationships between people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to connect.

How it Works

  • Multiple mentors work with each student.

  • Each student meets with their mentor(s) at least weekly. All meetings are in person, after school, at the school site.

  • Mentors build close relationships with students in many ways: through reading, tutoring, or even just catching up about the last Warriors game. 

  • Mentors track their students' progress, filling out a simple form after each interaction.

  • Keeping the mentor-student ratio high allows the mentors and students to get to know each other well and build a committed, long term relationship. This also helps mentors understand how their student is doing over time.

  • CaLiCo coordinators check in and provide support to the mentors and student families on a regular basis.

How we Support Our Mentors
  • We require that our mentors go through initial training before meeting their student. This gives the mentors a better understanding of our program, and an opportunity to get to know the rest of the team.

  • We work closely with our mentors and have channels to escalate any issues they may run into.

  • We provide ongoing training, and hold regular team meetings (online) with all our mentors to check in and exchange ideas .