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Mudita Jain

is devoted to giving back to the community, and has been involved in educational causes for the past thirteen years. She has given many volunteer hours to local schools, both as a classroom aide and as a fundraiser. She has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Arizona, Tucson.

Sripriya Chari

is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a focus on community mental health. She works with adolescents at risk for psychosis, providing diagnostic, education, and support services to these youth and their families. Previously, she worked for Santa Clara County in the adult system of care, working with clients with serious mental illness in outpatient, inpatient psychiatric, and incarcerated settings.

Surya Arvind

has been advising and serving non-profits since 2010. She specializes in improving and organizing data management systems, utilizing her background in both technology and finance. She holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics and CPA Certification from the California Board of Accountancy.


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